Drew Millward was born in 1981 in Coventry; he grew up in Bolton, studied and lived in Leeds for many years and now lives in a quarry in the Aire Valley. He has been drawing pictures since around 2004.

Drew likes to draw ‘the old fashioned way’, using pencils, pens and a love of the craft of illustration. While his subject matter can vary dramatically, he hopes that the attention to detail and the love of drawing is apparent throughout his work.

He has exhibited throughout the US, UK, Europe and beyond, as well as having the pleasure of creating work for an ever growing international client base.

Here is what some others have said:

‘Drew Millward is actually able to see (and then accurately depict) the benign terror of what’s just beyond our world. What’s out there is potentially malevolent, but Drew is able to approach from such an angle that the Terror is not alerted, and we all get to see the inhuman, eternal awfulness as if we were watching a BBC nature program.’

Jay Ryan – Artist, Illustrator and owner of The Bird Machine.

“We’ve had the absolute pleasure of working with the inimitable Mr Millward on lots of t-shirt designs over the past 3 years, and he is most definitely a man of prodigious talent; with a pregnant mind and a mercurial eye! He is a true gent to boot.”

Frank Major – Disturbia Clothing

“I think Drew Millward is the most consistently awesome artist in the entire poster scene. I can’t think of a single piece he’s done that I haven’t loved. He could not be more underrated.”

Mitch Putman – Owner of Posterandtoys.com, head honcho of OMGPOSTERS/OMGVINYL and all round good egg.

‘His imagination translates brilliantly onto paper, bridging us with his world of weird, complex characters. Drew’s skill for personifying his subjects and developing a sense of story around his designs brings his abstract characters to life in a very powerful way. Monster ice creams and bleeding cats have never looked so good’

Watchlist Magazine – www.watchlistmagazine.com

‘Through this difficult recession, Drew Millard’s volcano-erupting, storm-seeding, earthquake-causing, poster designs keep the tack companies in business, all of them. Creative Tempest is considering building an east wing onto our vast offices, just so we can put up Drew Millard’s posters all over. Had Drew Millard’s posters been around in the 1970s, they would have easily replaced the standard Farrah Fawcett poster in every guy’s bedroom.’

Creative Tempest – www.creativetempest.com

‘Drew Millward’s work is defined by an accessible creepiness. He’s willing to include texture and detail, truly rendering images that test the confines of screen printing.’

Evan La Ruffa - www.ipaintmymind.com

Clients include: Nike, Epitaph Records, Warner Music, Disturbia Clothing, Any Forty, Kapitol Skateboards, Dirtyface, BSI Merch, Vannen Watches, Alamo Drafthouse, Mondo Tees, Paint The Stars, Set Your Goals, Mogwai, Bon Iver, Sonic Youth, Gallows, Oceansize, Pulled Apart By Horses, Hawk Eyes, Circa Survive, Arctic Monkeys, You Ate My Dog, Narrows, Humanfly, Flight of The Conchords.


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